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Piano and Keyboard Lessons for Children and Adults

Little Mozarts piano lessons are designed for children aged 5 to 7 years. The piano tuition is based on the Music for Little Mozarts course, which centres around the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse, as they learn about music. In a relaxed, fun atmosphere, the child will learn to play the piano and also learn the basic music theories: understanding dynamics (soft and loud), distinguishing pitch and appreciating the sounds and silences in music.

  • A program designed for younger children
  • Learning music in a fun way
  • Progress in understanding rhythm, intervals and time values
  • Learning to play simple pieces with both hands in just a few months
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Piano Lessons and Keyboard Lessons Chesterfield

The piano lessons are aimed at the level appropriate for your child’s age. Although in practice they are designed to be fun sessions, they will certainly give the child a solid foundation in music in general and the piano in particular.

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How I Teach Piano Lessons

I begin by telling your child the story of Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear and let them sit at the piano and show them how the black keys are arranged in groups of twos and threes and what sounds are made when they press them. They use the toys to press the keys with and gain familiarisation with the sounds.

By the end of the first lesson, they will have learnt to use their fingers to play a simple repetitive beat on the bass notes, which I fill in on the treble with a lively melody.
After a few weeks they start using music notation, learning the notes of the treble and bass clefs and after a few months they would normally be at the stage where they can play simple songs using both hands together, play simple chords and understand intervals and time values.

Parents are encouraged at this early age to attend the lessons. Regular practice is also important, but with shorter 10 to 15 minute sessions.

The Little Mozarts programme is only part of what I teach. I also teach the standard ABRSM and Trinity College exams for older children. Adults too are welcome to learn piano, whatever your level or ability.

Please ring me for all your enquiries Home (01246) 220198, Mobile 0752 1017226 Or email me at

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Every year the students our students have the option to preform in front of a live audience at the Lecture Theatre, New Beetwell Street, Chesterfield. Click the button below to view concerts from previous years.

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